Friday, January 11, 2013

Reverb Junkies [DVD]

Finally!!! That's what I said when I first heard about this film documentary produced by fellow junkie and all around nice guy Steve Seagren. It goes without saying that while watching this movie I was grinning from ear to ear.I mean this film features a virtual who's who in our small but strong surf music community world wide.Most of the people featured in interviews here are also members of the SurfGuitar 101 forum so this is basically a film made by a friend for his friends and family of a sort.This film covers all you need to know about surf music including it's history,it's roots,choice of reverb amps,guitars,the movie Pulp Fiction and it's impact on rekindling what some say the start of the third wave of surf,the colorful characters that embrace this genre with their time,dedication and in Unsteady Freddie's case his wallet as he doles out tons of cash traveling the globe just to see a surf festival,or a single show. Admittedly I'd would probably be just like him,but my wallet sadly doesn't go that deep.The real treat here is the music,and let me tell you it's packed to hilt with live performances by such acts like The Ghastly Ones,The Dynotones,The Tequila Worms,Satan's Pilgrims,Thee Swank Bastards,Space Cossacks and,Daikaiju [that's a hard task to do if you've ever seen them live],plus many,many more familiar names.My only slight complaint about this documentary is nobody even bothered to mention to two biggest names in the third wave of surf music Man Or Astro-Man? and Los Straitjackets.These two bands in my honest opinion reached out to more people across the world and opened up the flood gates to a many reverb junkies that still roam this earth to this day.With that being said this is still a phenomenal hour and half of reverb madness that each and every surf musician,and fan must own. For purchasing info following the links below.  

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Reverb Junkies

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Exeter said...

I do consider myself a "reverb junkie", I guess.... I'll have to check this DVD out.
Thanks for being an Alert Poster!

Brandonio! said...

You're welcome Exeter.This is a must have to feed your addiction and purchase at once my friend.

Anonymous said...

There's a favorable review of Reverb Junkies at:

Brandonio! said...

Thanks for the link anonymous!